Best music choice
Best music choice 


Eatraxx featured at Music Clout, so what´s new? Yes, That´s right, a shot for great but undiscovered artists drowning in the mass of artists wanting to show themselves.


We had no less than 90 submissions through Music Clout as of artists wanting to cowork with Eatraxx to get the REAL possibility of placing music in movies, Tv series, Spots and even for major artists around the globe. So far we´ve chosen 8-9 really good groups/artists to work with and we feel positive that the music will be licensed. Basically it works through own low fee funding of coworking and co-composition with us, publishing deal, and  accessing instantly an open door into great licensing opportunities for just about anything that needs great music.


Make no mistake, music biz is harder than ever, and getting a record deal with Sony music, interscope or epic is as hard as winning the lottery. What works? Music4motion, movies, trailers, spots, cartoons, Tv series, and everything else you see on the screen. That´s where WE put our efforts and promote artists. A placement brings great credits and good money according to the opportunity, and 1 track can even be placed for several things on a non-exclusive basis. 


That´s the way Eatraxx is taking with internal and external artists coworking with us and a path much easier to walk, with the feeling waking up every morning that today and each day, there might be a great placement landed. Wanna know more? - and hey, get yourself a Music clout account, no obligation, but it´s worth it.. Eatraxx Team

Eatraxx featured at Music Clout this month and submission´s coming in fast. 

SUPALIFE ft Soulbrotha. Hot on Tv right now. No fuzz,  paypal 0,70€.

OKE´s album Retrodisea. limited offer.

The Digital album is 5.99€ and Cd,10.00€. paypal verified

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CHRIS SHAYNE - Our Scary movie 5 party anthem.paypal - Itunes  

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