Best music choice
Best music choice 


Supalife - Placed through the great teamwork with Fm - Smashcoastmusic and Mach1, in Kevin from work - a new greatly received Tv series at ABC. Sounded 1st time 4/9 2015.

Eatraxx new multiple placements - The Bold and the Beautiful - Huge soap opera with over 100 million viewers in over 100 countries - Placement through FM and Mach 1

Eatraxx new placement - GLEE - world famous musical series - "Dance to the music" -Placement through FM and Mach 1

SOUTHERN EYES - 2nd single from Light Seekers

Our latest release " Southern eyes " a unique country crossover track on the full album Light seekers Buy it for 0.99€ at paypal or Itunes

Placement in " JACKHAMMER " great movie produced by Michael Hanus, with Guy Ritchie, Jamie Kennedy and mony more. " PARTYZONE " Cory Rocklen Feat Chris Shayne

Eatraxx placed 9 tracks during the past 4 months. Mostly for commercial spots and some adds on-line. 

An Eatraxx - Erik Nilsson track placed for the new reality series " Breakin Boston " produced by Mark Wahlberg. " Dance to the music " 


END OF MY TRANSMISSION - 3rd single from Light Seekers

Our latest release " Southern eyes " a unique country crossover track on the full album Light seekers Buy it for 0.99€ at paypal or Itunes. Watch video

 Eatraxx is releasing in no time a brand new version of " IRONKID´s " Wonderboy, our oundtrack that sounds in over 80 countries, sung by Sam Medina. Updates coming as of exact date..

 Mayday situation - An Eatraxx song being released in Europe - Erik Nilsson // Sam Medina - Through Rudi Schedler and Munix Records. Blast track that will hit hard. 

 Another placement for our Scary movie 5 track, " Everybody feel it " - This time for Television in the UK. Will be updated..

 We are the young ones - New placement at GIRL CODE - a MTV popular TV show with millions of followers and viewers  focused on Women. The track from Eatraxx are used by many international brands from the Us and is proclaimed the youth anthem of our time..


Cory Rocklen - Recognized Rapper at BDM - Telling a great story in collaboration with OKE, Co-composer and singer of the chorus in this Motown inspired hip hop track, about the fight and struggle towards success and the life of a hip hop artist aiming for the top. Produced mostly with real  Motown sounds and Mix techniques as well. Buy it at - Itunes. Amazon - The track is also at Vervelife, XboxMusic and IheartRadio.

 Placement at CJ educations - Cute little Eatraxx whistle jingle for a learning app for Korean children, Toucan steals coconut!!

 Chris Shayne - The MAN behind the Scary Movie 5 track " Everybody feel it " is working on something brand new in his TRUE style - Chris Is really a singer-Rapper and got his own unique style doing it. Updated in no time!!! Everybody feel it can be purchased here at Eatraxx E-Store.

 Toth+Co using " We are the young ones " from Eatraxx in spot campaign

 Sam Medina - THE voice for many - Followed Eatraxx for many years and NOW - Listen up - Own album - NOTHING expected - Only his own style - You´ll be surprised - Doesn´t give a shit about what´s on the charts - it will be SAM´s songs. We´ll have some samples up shortly...

 Eatraxx - Great times awating. Currently up for 4 Bunim Murray Tv series, another MAJOR movie placement and also placing some Epic movie trailer tracks.

 Two Christmas tracks for this christmas, Tonight is Christmas time - Steve Candlen and We got Christmas - Right now being recorded by GRAND artists in various versions, ready for Movie placements and guess what - It´s freakin out Sinatra meets Dean Martin on one side and the other semi is a male Billie Holiday/Sarah Vaughan

Tonight is Christmas time can be bought at Itunes here.

INDI - A pure Spanish group, brother and sister performing together - We just Finished the first album and after mastering their first single is released 

 SCARY MOVIE 5 - Eatraxx supplies " everybody feel it " for this Blockbuster/Lakeshore Ent movie Feat inhouse artist Chris Shayne. Buy it at our eStore.

 Andrew Christian - Men´s underware and A LOT MORE - using " We are the young ones " for " man overboard " add..

 Peter V Brett - Using Eatraxx´s " Winds of dune " for the third part of his world bestseller - Daylight war 

Amway uses " Everybody feel it " from Eatraxx for add and promo

Eatraxx featured at Music Clout this month and submission´s coming in fast. 

SUPALIFE ft Soulbrotha. Hot on Tv right now. No fuzz,  paypal 0,70€.

OKE´s album Retrodisea. limited offer.

The Digital album is 5.99€ and Cd,10.00€. paypal verified

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CHRIS SHAYNE - Our Scary movie 5 party anthem.paypal - Itunes  

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