Best music choice
Best music choice 

Work with Eatraxx - Offer! 

Eatraxx offers the possibility right now to composers with great topline skill but maybe not that good production skiils.Our motto,  " Do what you´re good at, let others do what they do best " . Too many average composers out there jamming the traffic for great ones, not having the shot at the big screen. Of course, Internet is DRAINED by composers, artists and superstars. Competition is HUGE so every bit of the track must be cutting edge. THIS is the EATRAXX deal.


Eatraxx takes in talented and potential composers to co-compose and place through the company. Only thing you need is a guitar, a piano, and THE song/melody plus lyrics. Co-working will surely be made if needed as of lyrics and melodies also. You pay a basic low production fee as of producer and musical composition work, and the song is signed in a 50/50 split between you and the company. You get access through Eatraxx to all music connections and supervisors placing constantly Eatraxx's music. Vocals must be recorded at your location, home studio is fine while the microphone quality is good enough. Every composer SHOULD invest in a good microphone and preamp to it. That´s what makes the difference when placing songs. 


If you are interested in accessing all this, and be a part of the BIG licensing world for movies, spots, artists, Tv,  Reach out to



Eatraxx featured at Music Clout this month and submission´s coming in fast. 

SUPALIFE ft Soulbrotha. Hot on Tv right now. No fuzz,  paypal 0,70€.

OKE´s album Retrodisea. limited offer.

The Digital album is 5.99€ and Cd,10.00€. paypal verified

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CHRIS SHAYNE - Our Scary movie 5 party anthem.paypal - Itunes  

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