Best music choice
Best music choice 

Many artists and composers have great tracks but can´t reach it´s potential due to simply, a bad sound or at least not sufficient for the high tech industry nowadays. At Eatraxx your track can be mixed and/or mastered in a 24-48 hours time frame. Be sure that your song will blow the A&R away and make all business contacts react instead of listening 10 seconds and then turn it off. The first impression is the most important and the first 10 seconds of listening decides your future. Make it 10 GREAT seconds and seal that contract with a perfect master. Eatraxx will provide you with a lowcost offer as of both issues.


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Files: 32/24 bit wav non-compressed.

Payment by paypal. 


Eatraxx Team

Eatraxx featured at Music Clout this month and submission´s coming in fast. 

SUPALIFE ft Soulbrotha. Hot on Tv right now. No fuzz,  paypal 0,70€.

OKE´s album Retrodisea. limited offer.

The Digital album is 5.99€ and Cd,10.00€. paypal verified

sent by wetransfer or postal standard service.


CHRIS SHAYNE - Our Scary movie 5 party anthem.paypal - Itunes  

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