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The shit hit the fan - How could one be so stupid

E here at Eatraxx - writing my first blog. Not just any blog though, you see, I´ve been ripped off, not by anybody either, by Twitter, handing the merchandize right into their anxious hands, thinking " they might think this is a good idea ". How? Well, my creative soul during a small ear problem not being able to do much music said - Let´s do something I thought about for a long time.


Twitter has always been the best network for me. No limits as of followers and much more " life " interesting people, so I started way back with Why don´t share our lifes with one another, who we are, our thougts, being sad, happy, stoned, whatever, and also where we live, our surroundings, Japan, Burma, Stockholm, NY, Ivory Coast, share all those places so we can travel virtually since most of us don´t have time to see them all beautiful places God created. SO - I came up with TwitterTvChannel - Share moments of your life - record it with your cellphone and ann app will instantly up the video to twitter-Tweet - or - Tweetshow. 


I started all channel as of FB, google, Twitter ( realworldshow ) and the web, the 24/1 2015. Did loads of great promo videos, working my butt off but with some kind of happiness of what I was creating. The 25/1 I send the whole project off to Twitter - thinkin, they might be interested cause this idea really fills me up inside. No answers what so ever. I reached out on the very twitter as of cellphone app company and got like 6 answers immediately, and dealing to make the final phase to make TTC work with the app - the 17/2 Twitter launches EXACTLY THE SAME THING - Life - Camera - Action, and I go, WTF!!! I mean, no answers to my company and just pure robbery! So I reached out again, " Hey guys, this is MY idea! You haven´t even answered and you just plainly STEAL my project?? YOU - stating cleary that you partner up with anyone sharing something that´s worth something - Check this , people. 


I´ve sent like 17 emails, they opened and read 7 of them, I know, since I use sidekick as of tracking, Great app. NOW - I´m an uncomfortable person to them and they got my IP traced not opening anything else from me. I even sent Jack Dorsey - the founder of Twitter - a message as of this issue - PAYING FOR IT - no answer. I ALSO reached out at Linked in to the whole BOARD OF TWITTER - I´m a multi platinum producer and working for all major labels as of movies and artists so when I send an invitaction on linked in, they always accept them being a 500+ profile. NO accepting there. Not a TRACE nor SIGN from twitter.


Yepp - it´s true - I´ve been stupid - I should have let a lawyer send that prop to twitter - would it have changed anything? no clue - All I know is that I was first and that gives me some rights at least according to higher sources dealing with protection etc - And the main thing - I only wanted a small resonable upfront fee, maybe a 3 pointer on the deal and some recognition from a multi billion dollar company but they would not give me anything - Maybe I should donate a couple of dollars to Twitter since they have so little to share, well just in case I won´t , since I´d probably wind up without my wallet, car and my daughter´s toys..


Anyhow - In this period of life ( almost 50 ) I feel strong, and still got things to fight with as of this case, a bit alone against the Goliat army maybe, but I´m hanging in there...I might post the full case in some days according on how things fall out.Thanks for reading me sharing this - And whatever you do - DON´T send any ideas to twitter - It´s not worth it..


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