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Best music choice 


Eatraxx - a Production / composition company and Label Run by " E " Erik Nilsson, with it´s E-Team of composers and singers. The company supplies tracks for artists, movies, spots, games and events and only some or our clients are: Lakeshore Ent, Mtv, Universal Music, Warner Music, SonyBmg, Fox Networks, Paramounth, Blockbuster, Denim Murray, Manga FIlms, Daewoon. Eatraxx work closely to ESL - Elitesynclab and Eddie-Music of the sea. Great music in all it´s forms for every purpose - That´s Eatraxx!!


Choose your music for audiovisual purposes from Eatraxx. Send corporate videos and you´ll have various fully synced with foley if requested, choices of great music fitting your spot perfectly. Film music, sequence cuts, vocal, instrumental, soundtracks, trailer music. Eatraxx provides great music for the BIG screen. Send your requests and " looking for " to


Eatraxx eStore is a unique store ment ONLY to expose and sell our own music, but not just any music, the tracks you would fill up your house with rather than billboard no 1 chart songs. There are so many tracks in movies, spots and events that should be sounding way more than they are, great traxx with amazing lyrics that you never get to hear more than once since they´re not on the radio or Mtv. Eatraxx has loads of those tracks, in movies, spots apps, games, Epic trailers and here you can enjoy something different with REAL QUALITY both in it´s music and lyrics..

Eatraxx featured at Music Clout this month and submission´s coming in fast. 

SUPALIFE ft Soulbrotha. Hot on Tv right now. No fuzz,  paypal 0,70€.

OKE´s album Retrodisea. limited offer.

The Digital album is 5.99€ and Cd,10.00€. paypal verified

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CHRIS SHAYNE - Our Scary movie 5 party anthem.paypal - Itunes  

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