Eatraxx placement in the upcoming movie, Tragedy girls

Eatraxx placement in the fantastic SNL-As life you are Feat Marina Damer

Eatraxx placement in Tv series , Once upon a time

Tired of submission fees, premium account to get " better " chances to place your songs? Face it. You´re amongst thousands of composers at platforms earning moneys on your payments. "Patience is a virtue" they proclaim. While you are paying up, you´ll be told just that. Eatraxx has real ways to get placements and by that money and great credits. 2017 about 25 co composed tracks were placed in major movies and Tv, so check it out here. 


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Multiple songs were placed during the year of 2017 and Eatraxx had great Tv placements as of instrumentals - Southern blues rock style. 11 Just came in as of Pit bulls and parolees, Territories Wild and Talking Dead. " Wyatt. I m rolling " Looking forward to a fantastic 2018. 

New Major Movie placement. ACTS OF VIOLENCE, with Bruce Willis. Eatraxx placed 2 tracks in this action movie Roman and his ex military brothers tries to save his girlfriend from human trafficker kidnappers. The 4th movie placement for Eatraxx this year.  

New Movie placement. PARTY CRASHER, from the producers of Terror on ELM street. 1 Song placed in this one with the following plot: A fraternity house throws their big "Winter Luau" party but when fraternity brothers and coeds begin dying horrible deaths they discover an evil entity has taken over the house.

Eatraxx new placements - Eatraxx placed music in " Alone together " a family drama with David Wize, William Blum, Bailey Bronner and Alden McDonnel. Eatraxx is HOT on Tv series and shows worldwide. Productionwise the series is a drama with comedy touches for the big fam audience. 

Eatraxx new placements - Eatraxx placed music in  The movie " RIDE " with Bella Thorne, Jessie T, Usher and Will Brill amongst others. No release date as of yet, and will be updated shortly It´s the second movie for Eatraxx this year and surely more will come.

Eatraxx new placements - Eatraxx placed music in  The movie " tragedy girls " with Alexandra Shipp, and Josh Hutcherson. (hunger games) Great placement in  a movie that got a high rating at IMDb, being a comedy/horror movie with release date 12/3 , 2017.

Eatraxx new placement. SNL - Saturday night live." As life you are " -  A love song performed by Marina Damer. One of those classics for the 14th, Valentines Day. We just love SNL, and Alec Baldwin´s satire of Trump. 

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Eatraxx new placements - Fantastic. Unfortunately we had to look them up ourselves due to less legal music supervisors. PGA EUROPE TOUR, ZULU TV- Hockey night, Fool´s Gold, Planet Green, loads of episodes, Big ten Network, E! News, wags, TELESHOPPING, NBA  Basketball, RTL, Top Models, Odyseé Pacifique, and more. 

Eatraxx placed " Partyzone " Feat Cory Rocklen - Chris Shayne, for Rich kids from Beverly hills. One great Party EDM rap and chorus hook track from the team. 

Eatraxx placed for Kevin from Work - New  ABC Tv serie. One marvelous Daft punk style track, SUPALIFE, through FM Mattews and Mach 1. 

Eatraxx placed a track for a  Coors Light drink - We will win, a 2 months spot during june & july in the Us, Great placement through ESL and Rebel America.

Yet another placement on B&B - the world´s biggest soap opera with 37 daytime emmy awards, and also the oldest one, that started way back in the 80s, Eatraxx has muliple tracks on B&B.

New Placement - B&B - CBS - The Bold & the Beautiful -Multiple tracks  were placed through the great work of FM - Mach1. B&B has more than 100 million viewers in over 100 countries and it started way back in march 1987. A rich man poor man soap opera. 

New Placement - GLEE - Worldwide famous musical Tv Series - FOX - Dance to the music was placed through the great work of FM - Mach1. 

JOB OR NO JOB - ABC - Eatraxx had a placement on ABC's greatly working Tv series about people trying to land their first job. One of so many  series. Cast.  


4 years now hot on Mtv´s Ridiculousness, and they keep on playing the track. One funny comedy cue with a lot of Hannah Barbera sounds, the Disney Looney Tunes sounds in oldies like Mickey Mouse. Buy they track? reach out.


Eatraxx has various placements on different programs on discovery channel´s Planet Green. Love being a part of preservation of the earth, our home. Essential issues for our survival.


Our Scary Movie 5 track, Tech house track FEAT Chris Shayne, a must have party track, also out on Lakeshore´s soundtrack CD. Check it out at "Listen before buying" and buy it at our eStore here or at itunes here. The track is available at all on line music sellers. 


EATRAXX - Trailer Music - Showcase as of trailer music on the new Jurassic world Trailer. Need great music for trailers? Reach out. Watch the clip HERE.

Eatraxx . Commercial spots showcase - McDonalds - GOOD TIMES - Available for licensing - Only major brands in the vein of Pharrell - Blurred lines. Watch the clip here.

Eatraxx - Commercial Spots - SUPALIFE. Available for Licensing. A daft punk stylish track spreading supalife for spots, perfect for food, drink and sports spots. Watch the clip here.

Many tracks on Eatraxx produced and composed album for Craig Sharpe are available for licensing. One of the best singers in the world from Canada. MAKE YOU FEEL IT.  Eatraxx is - Music 4 motion. Watch it here.

Eatraxx - Showcase of Trailer music - Black Hawk down - Need great trailer music? Eatraxx is - Music 4 motion. Watch it here.

Eatraxx has nothing to do with the original music of the trailer nor the movie.

We are the young ones - Huge youth hymn by Eatraxx and Bindhu Holavanahalli. Perfect for sports, energy, youth, life commercial spots. Available for licensing. Watch it here.

Everybody Feel it - Chris Shayne - Eatraxx - Scary Movie 5 - Eatraxx composition/production for top artists, movies and spots. Want music for aritsts, movies, spots, Reach out. Watch it here.

Eatraxx - Music 4 motion - Showcase - Commerical spots. FLOATING. Perfect for traveliing, world, heartfelt and similar spots. Available for licensing. - Watch it here.